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fast n furious@!

Well guys,

I beat the reaper again yesterday, passed my big tests at work and am back in the saddle again!

My wife was kind enough to let me get a few minutes in the garage this evening . . . first night back from stress central . . .so this is usually her time

Either way . . . . we got a few minutes to do a little set up and start.

From this point on, the posts are going to come fast and furious as I intend on whipping though the build and onto the starfire.

I have been lamenting the "speed" angle and thinking more along the line of a lighter build and strong.

After looking at the cores and the airfoil, I think this one would actually be better at the slermaling than the 36" as it seems to have a little more meat to than the 36 did.

I think the CG should be able to be maintained with several power options while keeping the same set up by simply adjusting the size of the battery to counteract the weight of the larger and hotter wind motors. . . . with a lighter pack, a lighter motor can be used and the bird should be able to thermal without much trouble. . . . . it is only two months away to slope time in Raleigh as the winter months are the only time we have the direction and speed to get the few slopes workable . . . . just something to keep on the back of my mind
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