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I don't see all that many weight reduction options here yet!

For weight reduction, I removed the battery tray, the velcro, and the battery label. Went from 15.5 grams to 15 grams, a .5 gram or 3% weight savings. Will let the pack hang, and/or use a tiny piece of Scotch tape. To hold the battery in place.

Seeing that Ched in post #20 got it down to 14 grams removing the tray, etc. and also the spinner, his spinner must have weighted 1 gram. I'd like to think of a lighter spinner to replace it with instead of just going without one. When flying in-house, I hit walls, columns, furniture and such too regularly! Perhaps something cut from a very light foam rubber.

I'd like slightly larger, lighter, but more visible wheels to aid in orientation. Anyone found a suitable material? And what to hold them on with? Removing the landing gear looks to offer some weight reduction, and would move the CG rearward. But the gear makes takeoffs and landings so much fun, and it protects the prop, so I hate to just remove it.

At Air Midi Micros: I see some Micro Wheel Set 20 MM that are .14 gram each, and 15 MM that are 0.078 g each. Anyone weighed the Vapor wheels yet?

Any "hop-up" kits available yet for this plane? Just kidding! It's early and this is a tough act to follow!

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