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I'm not doing any planning yet on the 109 until it arrives and can be inspected in person.

The biggest problem regarding the conversion to electric, is the length of the motor shaft or adaptor shaft on the electric motor. Electric motors have short shafts and the adaptors have short shafts. So, it doesn't matter which way the motor is facing. The short shaft is suited to E-Props, but, it is difficult to get a larger size prop on these shafts, along with a spinner. There are no threads left for the prop bolt and washer. This is not the problem with Nitro motors.

The problem gets worse if the spinner is aluminum with a center bolt. There is no room for the adaptor to spin on the shaft, not enough threads left, even if the washer and bolt fit.

I think E-flite motors have the shaft drilled out for a spinner bolt, so the adaptor is not needed, we just have to change the bolt that comes with the spinner to match the threads in the motor shaft.

If you guys want to plan ahead, I'll give you something to worry about? LOL It's called "hurricane" Freddie, keep your feet dry.
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