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dundamnitpete, sorry about your loss. I had one myself today. I've flown my easystar FPV 4 times previous to today, and launched the plane into the wind, turned around and got it stable. I grabbed my glasses, put them on, and there was nothing but a whiteout. Confused, I ripped the glasses off, just to spot the plane upside down, heading STRAIGHT into the ground.

I got to the plane, and found it literally sticking out of the ground, tail in the air, nothing holding it there, except the nose burried 4" into the soft dirt. Nose is split in 6 places, but amazingly no other damage. The gorilla glue is currently drying, with splints clamped on either side to attempt to straighten. I presumed it to be a total loss, but my lipos are still ok, motor, cam, tx are ok aswell. I will be more careful next time!!!

The great thing about this hobby is, for the most part, you never make the same judgeemt error twice.
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