Thread: Mini-Review F-86 Sabre "Skyblazers" by Kyosho
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Originally Posted by Cloudriderurt
... Would there be anyway when you get a spare moment you could possibly supply me with a few dimensions or say an A4 outline of your fabulous Kyosho F-86 Front Duct cross section with nose removed and possibly the rear of the nose itself ? Both Cross section view.
Well I am not sure I understand the question ... I used the standard Kyosho inlet. The ducting was made so it would mate perfectly (ok by figure of speech ) to the intake. So in other words there were no modifications to the Kyosho-supplied inlet ...

Originally Posted by Cloudriderurt
I loved the work you did on that model. I have managed to get hold of a second hand one without any infill of the nose at all. It was intended for IC. I'm not entirely sure why the front is totally open on my acquired model (maybe an earlier Import version).
Mine was the IC version too, it's the only version as far as I know. If I understand you correctly (what language do you Brits speak anyhow ) you are saying there's no ducting on yours. Of course, that's the way the ICDF kit is ... you have to make your own ducting, unfortunately

Originally Posted by Cloudriderurt
I would of course be happy to pay you for your time and postage or email etc. But having seen yours fly to great effect, I wanted to be in the right ball park. I notice you mention in your great notes back in 2005 that the Eff FSA of the moulded front intake was approx 37cm^2 yet the FSA of the WeMoTec was 43cm^2. You obviously had no trouble with this, just wondered if you took a similar approach to the Chris Gold (UK) using a smaller FSA at the Lip of the Intake Duct. ( I can't see any sign of this)
The size of fan was determined by the Kyosho F-86 intake size, which I measured... From there I determined that a 90mm fan (eg MidiFan), which some had used, was inefficient. That's why I opted for the smaller diam HW-620 fan (85mm). In any case the MidiFan is too big to fit any other equipment like batts esc etc. in the fuse, with ducting.

Originally Posted by Cloudriderurt
Also are there any mods you'd consider to the F-86 if you were to start again with todays updated technology. Great many thanks no matter what the outcome, your work is truly Inspirational. Kindest regards Paul UK.
Thanks for the kind words ... The F-86 is a great flier and I still fly it off grass on a regular basis, on the original setup (6S 3200 Lipos) at ca. 1600W, with Springair 602 retracts. Others who have flown it love it too.

In my opinion 80-90mm edfs is the smallest size you want to attempt to fit good quality air retracts in, anything smaller and you end up in grossly overweight fantasyland.

The only slight problem with it is that it's really cramped in there with batts, Hacker 77A esc, airvalve + servo, retracts + nosesteering servo. But it works. On larger models access and therefore maintenance is easier.
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