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Originally Posted by BennettOZ84
DN Power 450 15C with Castle 9 ESC, 1806N 19g Brushless
Motor-KV:2100, 2 - 7x3.5 props. So maybe I need to switch to the Hacker style motor for better performance.
I did some testing today and collected some data.

Plane: Micro SSX Biplane (5 oz with no battery)
CG: Center upper and lower spar
ESC: Castle 9
Motor: 1806N 19g Brushless 2100 KV
Prop - 7x3.5 GWS Direct Drive

730 2S or 480 2S (Equivalent to DN 450)
Watts: 33
Amps: 5.3
Flight characteristics: Good vertical power, good airspeed, overall good performance

DN 450 3S
Watts: 84
Amps: 9.5
Flight characteristics: unlimited vertical power, incredible airspeed, overall very good performance

All measurements are static
I am not sure what is happening with your setup. I would take some readings and post your results. I am sure we can salve the problem.

Check the motor, make sure it is turning freely, and check the nut that holds the bell on. Make sure it is tight. If it is loose add some locktite before you tighten it. Check your CG the plane looked tail heavy. A hacker motor will not make a difference.

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