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Sorry, the number of comments on this review kind of snuck up on us or we'd have been chiming in sooner! We appreciate all the kind comments, and can give this feedback on some of the questions:

Originally Posted by ukpaul
Would it work with a UK 2.4 DX7? I keep reading that they have a much lower output (10mw?) than the US versions (100mw?).
We are aware that UK TXs have relatively low output power, but don't know much about what the output is. If it's 10mw, which seems REALLY low, then the interference from the TX to the camera receiver will be that much less, although we still doubt you'd want to fly it on 2.4 Ghz. The question is, would that small 10mw RC TX get through to the RC receiver with the video 10mw transmitter right there in the plane, even if they're on different channels? Probably, but we wouldn't try it. Use 72Mhz.

Originally Posted by Smokescreen38
Nice writeup!

How was it flying without a pan-mount? Did you feel like you had tunnel vision?

Do you get a warning when you're nearing the edge of the video transmission range (fuzzy picture?) or is it an abrupt cut-off?

How far away can you fly? I would love to be able to fly over the tree tops and away from the field.
We never felt like we had tunnel-vision. We can't replicate the view from the goggles with a video (which only captures the camera feed, not how it is actually displayed in the goggles) but the field of vision is plenty wide enough. It takes a couple of minutes to get used to, but tunnel-vision isn't a problem.

When you get near the edge of the transmission range, the picture begins to break up and you know to turn back (assuming you know where "back" is!). We never experienced a sudden black-out, but we're guessing that might happen if you flew behind a ridge or perhaps behind a thick stand of trees (leaves, being full of water, are great RF blockers). Another reason to have a spotter with you at ALL times.

Originally Posted by Aten W Arthog
How likely is it I would get airsick or disoriented from the view? I get a little woozy If I play StarFox too aggressively on the TV at home:-P
We were wondering about that too - in fact Vic flew his first flight on one knee in case he got disoriented. But it was never a problem. And he could get queasy from a pencil sketch of a roller-coaster...

Originally Posted by vanepico
so you could have the goggles 20 foot away from your 2.4ghz tranny and it would work? i take it it screws up wifi hotspots and wireless routers and stuff like that?
Yes, if you had 20-foot-long sticks on your TX, you could wear the goggles and probably be okay. (Or did you mean to ask if you had 20-foot-long cable from your video receiver to your goggles would you be okay? Yes, that might be more practical, and it would have a good chance of working!)

Theoretically the video transmitter could screw up wifi, but the 10mw transmitter is so weak it is unlikely to have any effect on neighbors' wifis, nor are they likely to have an effect on your signal. That having been said, it would be imprudent to fly in a Starbucks.
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