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I first realized I had a problem a few years ago. It all started with outstanding customer support. But you have to be careful, that's how they get you. Next thing I new, I was on the preorder list for the first 47" SHP.

When the package arrived, I could hardly contain myself. I had prepared to spend all weekend building my new plane. However, late on the first night, I had finished all but the minor details of the build, and I was left with a longing for more...

And then came the maiden... Oh, the sweet, sweet flying machine. I can still hear the sound of the prop, spinning in the wind, and the unbelievable gracefulness of the plane. I knew at that point that I must have another.

At first, I was able to control myself enough that I could manage to go for a few months without another fix, but just when I thought I had it under control, something bigger and badder came out... the 55" line. First the SHP, then the Kat.. Oh... that beautiful Kat...

My desire to quench my thirst for the ultimate model drove me to occasionally buy other brand of planes. However, these models never satisfied the craving for model supieriority like 3DH and thus, most still remain in the box. Often, with all necessary equipment neatly packaged on the nearest shelf. When I would push myself to build one of these planes, they always end up unflown, and in the corner.

I'm really not sure how next year or so went, but I awoke one morning to find an entire fleet of 3DH planes in my work room waiting for my attention. Big ones, Little ones, new ones, and crashed ones... All of them crying to me day and night... Come on buddy.. just one more flight...

The addiction has greatly influenced other areas of my life. At work, I demanded duel displays on my desktop computer so that I could constantly monitor 3DH threads, even if I was to busy to respond. Recently, my addiction has forced me to purchase a new vehicle. I've convinced myself (and my wife) that my old vehicle was needing replaced, but the truth is, I needed something that would allow me to more easily transport the larger 50cc sized models in the fleet to the field and back.

Being an addict is hard work. It takes amazing strength to leave your desires in order to work and earn so that you can in turn feed those desires. Personally, I don't know how much more I can take of this. Some mornings, I wake and wonder how I got to this point. Then I enter my work room, grab a plane and head to the field for a quick fix... and then.. all is better.......

My name is Noah... and I'm a 3DH addict....
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