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Hi im Real and im recovering.. My story started out about 2 years ago. I phoned 3dhs to inquire about the yak and katana they first released.. it was like no other call to any shop or manufacturer ive ever made.. i talked to the owner,keep in mind the planes were still not even out yet. I was amazed at the amount of knowledge i was hearing.. not just a customer service person but someone who actually flew the planes and knew everything about them and he was very fourthcoming. I already was very interested in the new planes but was a bit hesitant to order something from out of state with the local track record around here for receiving packages damaged or ripped apart etc. The pre orders opened for the new planes a week or so later and i ordered the yak 54.. it was triple boxed.. the normal box and two exterior boxes and short of getting hit by a lift truck or run over by a car there was almost no way the local package handlers could hurt it. On to the plane.. fit,finish,ease of assembly,looks,price.. and the icing on the cake.. it flew better than any plane relative in size ive ever flown. From there it was history.. over the past two years ive owned every 47'' plane and two of the 55''s and they all fly great and can take everything i throw at them(i was used to worrying if the stab would snap and other parts prior to this because my planes prior ripped apart in the air sometimes),once you fly one you want to fly them all.. ofcourse youll find ways to finance them or justify a new plane instead of things like a washing machine that needs to be replaced,tires for your car or repairs around the house etc. Its isnt easy either.. they just keep coming out with more cool planes,its a viscous cycle. Im very lucky,my girlfriends past and present have always been supportive of my hobbys so its even harder to restrain from getting another plane.. ''you have fun when you fly you should get that new one if you want it'' is what i hear . What makes it even more difficult is flying the 3dhs planes is so easy because of there design.. your flying starts to progress at an accellerated rate and you have even more fun than with any other planes youve flown. Like i said im recovering.. my current fleet 2 helis,one BAF foamy and my extra sr,one way i tricked myself into another plane was to try and break them in the air with the most violent high speed set ups and moves i could put together with gear i have.. hey if you crash one bad enough they can break.. so why not get the next new one to replace it right . Ive convinced myself i can only keep two planes flying and the only way to get another is to break or crash one.. finances should be better in the next month or two and i think i'll be short a plane or two by then and will need a shiny new replacement . Ive seen people blow money on other habits and have regrets,im glad my habit is flying.. now to get my cardboard sign that says will work for 3dhs planes and stand around the fire barrel with the rest of the 3dhs koolaid junkies.
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