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Taking care of the pond.
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Yo Commodores,

The wind was predicted to be 3-6 in the morning and picking up in the
afternoon. They did a good job as that is about what we had. Don was at
the pond first sailing his White/Red Voyager. I came in next around 9ish
and sailed my 1970 era Tradewind. Susie dropped of Ron off and he was set
for the day with his Vic, and Footy at the ready.

Herb showed up next with his Red Hammer by aquacraft. Herb has been having
a problem with it choking up when he gave it throtle and it would loose
rudder control. Ron and Don sat and looked over the boat with her and
quickly diagnosed the problem. Between the 3pack Lipo batter and the speed
control there were two wires that were way undersized. Ron explained that
it was acting as a resistor and killing the power when he went to full
throtle. Very cool field trouble shooting by Ron. A simple fix was
discussed and Herb left for the shop. Not before wowing us with photos of
what he had done with a large (40"+) power boat hull that Ron had given him
a few weeks back. See photo... Nice job Herb.

Don gave us updates on his projects.. And gave us a partial list of some of
his cool cars. I can't wait to see the aluminum pontoons he is making for
his new boat.

Herb came back with his modified Hammer and ran the pond. The fix worked
great. Now to get those batteries recharged.

Lorena and Bill pulled up on their White Goldwing. We have many motorcycle
fans in our group and we all apreciated their ride. They had been up to
Kaweah and reported the good news that my Catalina was still there and it
looked like they fire was being put out. Bill sailed my Tradewind and
Lorena saw how close she could get to Aflac.

Marc and Tyler showed up with their Snipe and Footy. For show and tell they
brought out their new catamaran 14" long that they are building. It was
very cool. Marc is going to hunt for small servos and a small rx pack to
run the boat. Everyone appreciated the craftmanship.

The winds picked up more as the day wore on and I saw water coming over the
bow of my Vic and Rons. I saw some very close quarter menuvering during the
day and I'm happy to report no major mishaps.

Ron gave me a pvc boat rescue for my tug boat. Bj contribued a loaf of
Zuccini (sp) bread. We had a couple of walk ups. One was a lady from Santa
Cruz and the other was a guy who sailed years ago in Pearl Harbor.

We worked our way from shady spot to shady spot enjoying the day. The
Tugboat did it's thing and watered several parched vistors. One lady called
over her kids just so they could be refreshed. Lorena said she counted 11
Large buses with church Kids pull into the park. We consided trying to
blend in with them in the chow line. But in the end didn't.

We left the pond around 3pm.

Charge up your batteries and we will see ya next time.

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