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Watch part 2 of ring of power

I look around here in America and it looks like most of the people with money are foreign born and the real Americans have been starved down and don't have any money

The merchant bankers have turned Americans against each other

Stole America from it's rightful owners using paper debt and given it to foreign globalists

I often wonder where the foreign infiltrators and the American traitors get their money from because they don't do anything but always seem to have money

maybe that's where freemasonry comes into it

Europe took America over with bank credit

They've laid waste to our families, history and culture

When I go to my flying club, I know for a fact that half of them are foreign born and am not sure about the rest

Somebody who had told me before that he was from new york I now know is from canada and came here in the seventies

I guess foreign sponsored agents would have enough money

I just wonder why the government does not deport them All
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