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Hi Cappaj, and welcome

In general, bigger stuff means bigger bucks. (And consider how glow fuel is $32/gallon and is going up in Aug.)

You said you are starting, and if you have little or no flying experience, the best bet before you invest lots of money is get yourself a good 3ch trainer and learn to fly first (harder than most people think ). In the long run it will save you a bunch of money and frustration. Two important strategies are read lots carefully here incl the stickys, because guys here share oodles of experience, and get yourself a simulator, actually the free download FMS works fine for learning the basics, and practice lots.

Guys here have good recommendations for cheap, durable trainers that are excellent teachers. Made of various types of foam they are easy to fix (which you will have to do no matter what you fly ).

One favorite is the HZSC, which flies like most basic RC planes fly, and I'm so thankful I started with mine. I've busted the poor thing 6 ways to sunday and with fixes it still flies fine. SC was a $160 investment. During the time it takes you to learn to fly a trainer decent, you'll learn way more about what you want to do next. I now have 2.4GHz DX7 system for the long run, Hyperion charger, several different lipos, a couple motors and escs and lots of tools, and now doing SC aileron and (secret ) mods and also have a specific aileron aerobatic trainer (EFlite Mini Ultra Stick) in the box when my thumbs are ready for it. What I got looks like less money than what you have on your starting list.

Whatever you do, go for it Happy flying

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