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You can get a 5055/B (appx $55 when I got mine) and a Dynam 60 amp ESC. (appx $25 when I got mine) That combo on 4S LiPo using APC 12X5 gives the equivilent power of about a OS 55AX... cheaply.

Then its a matter of finding a good deal on 4S 4000 mah LiPos... Its REALLY hard to find the deal I got when I bought the ones I used. They don't make the 12C rated ones any more (that I can find) You don't NEED 20C when max draw is 8C and average is closer to 5C.

You can have the .40 class plane flying a lot cheaper with electric power than some will lead you to believe... You don't HAVE to get the AXi if you can tollerate a slightly lower efficiency and a little more weight.
The Dynam ESC... don't try pulling 60 amps. It would get a bit hot. (needs a better heat sink and needs thinner or no heat shrink over the heat sink)


And... I have a .90 class e-conversion... weighs within a couple ounces of the glow version and will fly wingtip to wingtip with the glow for the full glow powered plane's fuel tank.

Sorry... e-power does not have to be heavy.
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