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Edit: One suggestion for improvement:
The graduation of the charge current settings.
Now, the graduation is 10mA from 50mA to 100mA, and 100mA from 100mA to 10A.
I think the steps in the high Amp range are too small.
Over 2A, the steps should be 0,5A, and over 6A, the steps should be 1A.
To be honest, I do not think that someone would chose 8.4A. I think it would be ok if one could chose only 8A or 9A, but one would be able to choose it much faster, without having to walk through the 100mA steps.
I don't agree with you on this one. I prefer to keep the 100mA precision. I often switch between charging LiPos in the range of 1.0 to 4.5A and A123 at 10A. I find changing the current quite quick and easy enough even with the existing way of working.

I guess what you could do is more like the way some digital clocks work. That is, the longer the increment/decrement button is held down, the larger the step size. So for example, after 10 steps at 100mA, change to 500mA. Once the button is released the increment goes back to 100mA so any overshoot is quick and easy for the user to correct....OK I just went and had a play and really, if you hold the Inc/Dec button down it whizzes through the 100mA steps so fast already that I don't think any change is necessary.

Julez - were you pressing the button once for each step or holding it down ? Certainly I can see that if you were clicking once for each step it would seem very painful.
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