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Sorry Julez,

I cannot check mine, as I sent it back to HC about 12 hours ago.....But great pickup on the hole in the insulation. I'm yet to see the insides of mine My poor power supply can only deliver 7A before I have to turn to the trusty car battery.

As for the 0.5A increments above 2A, I think that maybe leave it to 3A. Most of my packs are 2200mAh, so it would make charging slower for me as I don't go over 1C with my LiPo's. Why not just save a setting and be done with it? Another one of the great features with this charger was, when you removed the power and turned it on the next day, the last menu you were in is displayed again. Including the last rate of charge! That used to annoy the hell out of me with my old iMax B6!!!

Also, does a lipo connected to the output of your charger power it up? That is, without your 30A powersupply driving it all. I think I was just unlucky....

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