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First of all, I want to thank Junsi for the fast reply via PM. Unfortunatelly, the problem has not been solved yet.
But upon closer inspection, I noticed that the black shrink wrap from the inductor coil appeared to be punctured by an inner edge of the top casing. The bare copper of a winding was visible, and maybe there was a short circuit between the inductor winding and the charger casing.
I notice similarities to KegRaider's experience.
But my power supply is quite a strong one, so it is possible that it did not trip, but deliver the full current the short circuit was drawing, thus damaging something.
I don't want to spread panic, but if someone from you guys opens his charger for an update, could you check your inductor's clearance to the case?

As for 9.6A lower than 10.0A, we admit that some of 1010B version 3.04 do have the lower current during verify at the very beginning. Now, we have adjusted the verify procedure again, after adjustment the current can reach 10.0A again.
Well, the charger reached 10A, this is all fine. But while the charger displayed 10A on it's display, the wattmeter only displayed 9.6A. But take this with a grain of salt, I do not know how accurate the wattmeter is.

Sorry to say that there are some other conditions to switch on the fan that not mention in the manual.
Fan ON: Inner temperature>42C() or current >7A, fan last at least two minutes!
Fan OFF: Inner temperature<40C
I am sorry, I wanted to say: The fan of the power supply started to turn. I have this power supply.
I tested it, and normally, the fan only starts after it puts out 30A for several minutes.
I really cannot explain this strange behaviour. Maybe the alleged short circuit between the case and the inductor coil produced strong voltage fluctiations at the charger input with a high frequency, so that the power supply got some erratic behaviour? It was not damaged though, I'm powerig my other chargers from it at the moment.

As the rest problem we have sent you PM, please check!
Yes, I got it and answered. Thank you again for your commitment, I really appreciate that.

Could you check with your engineer, what the possible consequences of the inductor/case short circuit would be?



Edit: One suggestion for improvement:
The graduation of the charge current settings.
Now, the graduation is 10mA from 50mA to 100mA, and 100mA from 100mA to 10A.
I think the steps in the high Amp range are too small.
Over 2A, the steps should be 0,5A, and over 6A, the steps should be 1A.
To be honest, I do not think that someone would chose 8.4A. I think it would be ok if one could chose only 8A or 9A, but one would be able to choose it much faster, without having to walk through the 100mA steps.
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