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Hello Julian,
Thanks for your feedback and your valuable suggestions.
As for your suggestions, we will take into consideration. Thanks a lot!
I noticed the same thing as BlueAngel2000 when comparing the iCharger values with the values of my WattsUp wattmeter: The current displayed on the WattsUp is lower (9.6A with 10A charge current), and the capacity was also 5% lower than what was displayed on the charger. However, the WattsUp may well not be the most precise meter ever made.
As for 9.6A lower than 10.0A, we admit that some of 1010B version 3.04 do have the lower current during verify at the very beginning. Now, we have adjusted the verify procedure again, after adjustment the current can reach 10.0A again.

First, I wanted to charge a 8s A123 pack; I set the current to 10A.
When I tried to start the charge, a strange humming could be heard from my 30A power supply, and its fan started to turn. This is totally strange, as the fan is normally temperature controlled.
Sorry to say that there are some other conditions to switch on the fan that not mention in the manual.
Fan ON: Inner temperature>42C() or current >7A, fan last at least two minutes!
Fan OFF: Inner temperature<40C
As the rest problem we have sent you PM, please check!

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