Thread: Discussion Part II of the Quonset Airshow.
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Stuart, I'd say it's very hard to compare the two teams. They each put on a very differnt style of show. The blues go for a more "hard and fast" which I love. I mean, nobody likes a slow jet. However, there are times during the blues show where, they have "dead time" with nothing going on in front of you. Where as the Red Arrows had no such dead time...once one group of planes passed, the second was coming from the other direction. Plus, since I am familar with aviation and the skills required for such tight, balanced, and graceful precision formation flying that the Arrows do--that to me I almost liked it more. Their speed was really cool too--slow, and easy to watch. I noticed from my pics that they did much of the show with their speed brake deployed. That being said, I would have loved to see some sort of "tearing it up" done by one or two of the pilots--somewhere in the show.. I also liked being able to hear the wing commander speaking to the crowd as he commanded the flight. Something you don't experience with the Blues.

I think I also liked the anouncer...he seemed much more personable rather some jazzed up guy that the Blues or T-birds have.

If they come to another show near me, I'd gladly go see them. I'd like to also say that had on of the other teams been to the airshow I might not have gone. The rest of the show was really kinda weak. But because they new and different (to me) I knew I'd be upset with myself for not attending.
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