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Originally Posted by zitron

No it won't drift because it senses the gravity vector, which should always point downward unless you are sitting in a centrifuge, or something fundamental in the universe goes wrong .

I've tested mounting it on my hat, works amazingly well ! The annoying thing is you must tilt you head down by 20-30 degrees if you want it to work like a regular head tracker. Other wise it wont sense any change in panning.

It's too windy for flight tests today, I made a video from my stupid robot thing:

Accelerometers are much cheaper than gyros, no drift and require less processing, perhaps this can be made into a much cheaper HT solution!

Hey Zitron-
First off, your robot isn't stupid! I have stacks of organizers full of Lego Mindstorms and other Lego kits. I know, it may SOUND stupid for a 44 year old man to be playing with Legos, but I've learned a lot from several interesting experiments. I made a vehicle that moves around the house picking up dog toys...but I could never get it to recognize the difference between toys and shoes. Not a big problem, if you're missing a shoe just look where the toys are!
So, back to the head tracker...
I have a sneaking suspicion that a new (top secret) head tracker being developed by one of our favorite RC companies is exactly what you are working on. I promised not to let the cat out of the bag, so all I can tell you is that accelerometers are definitely the way to go! Keep at it, you may be able to get yours fine tuned before theirs hits the market. Not that you would want to mass produce them, but if your solution is reasonably cheap, then they will have to price theirs accordingly to capture the business of us do-it-yourselfers.
I had an idea for a head tracker that might work well and be cheap. I feel that a head tracker should track POSITION instead of MOVEMENT. And position relative to what? Well, your Tx is always in front of you, no matter what you're doing. So why not track position relative to the Tx?
How? A Nintendo Wii tracker. The sensor bar goes on the Tx, the emitters go on your head.
It's just an idea at this point, and I'm not going to run out and buy a Wii just to hack it up, but I think the idea is a solid one, and it should be cheap and easy to implement.
BY THE WAY: Anyone who is reading this and thinks they can pull it off, please feel free to use the idea. I don't have the time or money to make it happen, but I would love to see it.
Good job Zitron (can I call you "Zit"? )
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