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why the two piece cores and why the different foam??

Well, it is a legitimate question, why would you add so much work to cutting the kit or building when there is epp only???

what the heck does all this added work do for me??

In general, virgin white foam is far more rigid than EPP, it keeps it's airfoil better, keeps the model truer and is a heck of a lot easier to cut than EPP.

It is also very easy to cut, melt, shape . . . . .far more so than epp.....

It is a better material in general for building, however, it does not do well when you bang into something - like a tree or a post or a rock on the ground.

It does not do well with impact as it tends to shatter with the application of blunt force.

EPP on the other hand is much spongier than Virgin foam and takes a hit incredibly well seemingly without any damage . . .it is the ultimate "bumper" but waves like a wet noodle unless it is reinforced with resin, cloth and lots of carbon!

For airplanes that are clothed and glassed and carboned up the wazoo, the epp only makes a lot of sense. like a surf board, they take a likkin and keep on tickin!

For a sport type model, that level of bullet proofing just doesnt make sense . . . so you take the best of both worlds, the rigidness of the Virgin Foam for the main part of the core and the impact resistance of the EPP for the leading edge to get the best compromise of durability and rigidity to provide a fantastic model!

At first I was skeptical, but I have put a 36" and the 24" MCW through hell and can say from experience that Jeff has managed to get the compromise between ruggedness and durability right on the money.

I flew the 24" into a tree at full bore and it bounced like a pin ball through the trees around the one I hit and came out the bottom unscathed . . . .I broke a prop . .. ..

I believe that the 48" wing will offer all the upside of the 36" but with a little more wingloading to allow it to slow down even more for landing and make it easier to see at altitude!
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