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Walkera 380M Brushless Inrunner installation

I just got done installing my new Walkera 380M BL Inrunner onto my SC. There was a few minor ''modifications'' I had to do to make the the motor fit into the stock Super Cub gearbox. First, I noticed that the two screws holding the stock 480 brushed motor onto the gearbox were too small. So I had to search around my house for screws that fit my new inrunner motor. Well I found some, but they were too long. So.... I got my trusty dremel tool out and went to work! I cut the screws down to the size needed, and then I test fitted the motor onto the gear box. It went in fine for the first 1/2 inch or so, but then it would not go in anymore. So I looked in the gearbox, and I noticed that the rest of it was a little thicker. I got out my dremel tool again, and put a sanding attachment onto it. I then sanded the thicker half of the gearbox so that the whole inside of the gearbox was the same width. I test fitted the motor again, and this time in went all the way in. I bolted the motor on, and aligned the two gears, making sure they worked smoothly, and then I bolted the whole gearbox with motor attached to the firewall. Now I am just waiting for my ESC to come, and then I will be able to test everything out...

Here's a few pictures I took of the installation.

(Pictures were tranfered to my blog)
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