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Originally Posted by not.likely
Many thanks kgfly for your patience and excellent explanation of the answers to my questions. I just would appreciate confirmation now that these statements of my own words is correct

Balance speeds:
1) Balancing actually only happens whilst the charger is in CV mode.
I cannot say for certain but I think balancing will happen whenever the cells are more than 0.??V out of balance. Certainly it will happen as soon as any one cell reaches 4.20V.

All these settings are really changing is the overall total length of the charge duration and therefore the total amount of charge pumped in. As one of the other criteria required to stop the charge is that all cells must be in an acceptable state of balance anyway, they are not necessarily going to be any better balanced due to having the longer charge from a slow mode setting threshold.
Yes, that is how I see it.

Put another way, is this feature not really just similar to ( but I accept, not the same as ) choosing either Storage - Charge - or Fast charge, in non balance mode?

Storage being similar to Fast Balance.

Charge being similar to Normal Balance.

Fast Charge being similar to Fast balance.
No I would not express it that way. Certainly the concept of the current threshold is similar and there is a conceptual similarity bewteen Charge and Normal Balance and Fast Charge and Fast Balance. However Storage mode is very different since it will automatically either charge or discharge as needed to get the pack to the target storage voltage.

According to the manual there is no Ic threshold for Storage nor is balancing active. You might ask for clarification from JunSi on the Storage behaviour when charging or discharging.
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