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Originally Posted by kyalamikid
Phoenex, Please give it a shot, it would be great to have a all in one working solution!

Where did you fit the adpter, could you get it inside the casing?

My replacement has just arrived with 3.04 firmware. I don't need to upgrade it now, but at the rate Junsi is churning out cool features, I am sure I will need to upgrade in the next month or two.
I did not attempt to put it into the case. I do not think there is much room inside at all. I will work on the upgrade soon and post the results. I am planning to use a servo wire to connect to the mainboard on the charger with the servo wire connector dangling outside just below the charger plugin wire. I can then just use a servo extension between the servo connector and the TTL device since the servo wire will plug in directly to the TTL device I am using.

Originally Posted by Nobert

I picked up one of these and it works great:

Hope this helps,
The one I purchased looks nearly the same, but with a few differences. Looks to be the same chip, just a slightly different version. The output pins are not all located together. Did you have to solder a 5+ volt trace or power it with a seperate 5v source to get it working?
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