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some questions of operation again

AMENDED: having now spent 4 hours solidly reading ALL of this thread ( phew ) and playing more with the charger in front of me, I have found some of the answers - but not all ! I will now remove some bits from this post and leave what I still dont undersatnd. Thanks for your patience - apologies again for such a long post
I am not technically very good like some of you other guys , but I am OK. If I should start a new thread - please tell me. I do like the charger, and think the work that you guys have done on this thread is amazing - and I am very impressed with the response from junsi - but want to understand more about it, sorry for being dumb
  1. If the Input jack is limited to 7A - would that not mean for 200watt capability of the charger you would need a 28V input, yet limit is 19V ?
  1. In LiPo monitor mode, I get balance plug voltage error message with some cells showing as 1.2 volts or similar - if I connect the main leads the readings show correctly -I see others have found the same - so why does the manual suggest that batteries may be charged "by other means" and monitored by the 1010 - it is not possible - so what is the point of the feature ??
  1. Does it matter which balance socket I use if for example I only want to monitor the cells of a single 3s battery can I use any of the 3 x sockets on the board or only "D" ?
  1. What does the voltage setting of the cells do in the monitor mode ( 3V to 4.2V )
  1. The manual says “After setting the current and voltage press START/Enter button…..” but surely you don’t set current when only in monitor mode ??
Check Time for Lithium batteries. If active does this actually mean that it will only charge at 100m/a for the set time? If so, and you had set say.... 10 mins, then total charge time for a “flat” pack will be 10 minutes longer than usual. What’s the point ? If its just for correct cell count detection, isn’t that covered anyway by the user confirming at the start before committing to push and hold START.

Balance speed / Trickle. I don’t understand any of this in the manual. Could someone explain in simple terms to a dumbo like me what this is about.

Post charge trickle. Why can these not be set separately for the different chemistry EG: I agree that a trickle post charge current for NiMH is a bad thing, but might like it for my PB, or NiCds.

Nixx check time. How does altering time range ( 0 - 30 min) stop / disable -^V peak ?

When using the temp probe - is it best / necessary to have the flat side of the sensor in contact with the battery…or does it not matter?

Charge Discharge power limit. If set to AUTO, how does the charger adjust its output power according to input capability? How does it KNOW what those limitations are ?? I think I understand this now thanks to you genius' on here - if the input voltage appears to be getting depressed by a large input current demand ( due to high output requirements ) then the charger ( in auto mode ) will reduce the output to stop the input dropping too low - is that right? If so, why not just leave the setting on Auto all the time - when would I NOT want auto ??

When discharging , if you wanted to discharge at say 7A, then presumably you can only do it at that rate on a 4.28V ( or less ) battery due to the max limit of 30watt on the 1010B ?

Why is the default termination voltage of a LiPo set at 4.10 not 4.2V according to the manual page 9. is this a typing error, because the display shows 4.2V on screen.

In balance mode - individual cell levels flash on and off during balancing - I can find no mention in the manual of what this indicates. I presume it is cell balancing activity, but it should explain that - if it is flashing does that mean that particular cell is "active" or "still"

If no safety timer is set, yet a trickle charge is implemented ( in user set up) for nixx etc, will the trickle charge just continue until the unit is disconnected ?

If I reset to default settings ( stop+enter ) will that wipe-out any settings I made in user settings such as trickle charge currents and delay timers etc ?

Is there an “Auto” trickle current setting in place - if so, what current is used and how is that calculated ? - is it a % of the total current put in during the normal charge cycle.

There is mention of a there a transmitter charge feature to “bypass” the diode problem after you guys discussed it -Where is it / what is it called ?

Is the HXT esc key useable for firmware upgrading - it was mentioned earlier in this thread. I use winXP and already have this USB key and the HXT drivers installed.

What program is supposed to be used to open the “picture / media “ files that are in the latest upgrader ver.11 winzip file ? mine don’t open with VLC player, yet thay are called a VLC file?
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