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Guys, with the hooks, there are a couple of ways that are really quick, where you can just tape the hook on.

1) Bent wire method. Zipper described this method to me over the phone and we've been using it for massively hard launches of our Reapers, Bats, Moths, Ozprey and also Bees etc.

Just get a bit of wire, (piano wire is best but harder to work with - but a length of bike spoke or control rod is fine) and bend it in half, and make a hook at the centre bend point. Then bend both sides around in a diamond, or something similar. It's also best if you can bend a couple of hooks or bumps in here and there too, because you want things for the tape to grip onto. Just use your creativity to bend to the shape you need, and cut off any excess. I tape it using strips of wide bi-di tape over the diamond/ arms and thinner strips criss crossed tightly in front of the hook.

Danger - when you're pulling back to stretch the bungee, keep your hand behind the hook, because if the hook rips off it could do huge damage to your hand. But if they're well taped they don't come off. We've made these up in a few minutes with pliers, on the slope. Sean pulls his Reaper back on his Hosemonster bungees so hard I'm worried it will tear the nose off the plane!

2) Flat plate and screw hook. Get a piece of a strong plastic ruler, and mount a hook in it. Apparently there are small hooks that come with some ARF small gliders etc and they're great. If not, any thin threaded rod that has nuts to fit it will be good. I've used bike spokes, and also thin control rod etc. Just drill a hole in the ruler, and mount the hook. The great thing with this is it's so easy to tape it on really firmly. But for planes with narrow fuses you'll need a narrower strip of ruler, or other material. Dead simple and easy to do.

See if I can get some pics
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