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#1 3Deranged Jan 09, 2009 02:19 PM

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Man, they'll let anyone have a website these days! :D LOL Blakes web designer friend started up a website for him to put all the vids and pics in one spot. Stay tuned for more updates/vids/pics in the future. Who knows, maybe even a product or two...Here's some pics of 3DHS Extra 300 SHP 87" flown @ Tangerine Airfest 2008 at RCACF field in Apopka, Fl a couple of weeks ago. Pictures by Barry Vaught. Was the only e-powered prop plane there and the crowd loved it. One guy even started arguing with me that it couldn't be electric-it's too big! He believed me when it got in the air. I tried telling him that this wasn't the largest e-power system out there-you can go up to 150cc size now and he really thought I was pulling his leg. :rolleyes:


#2 cap10jaf Jan 10, 2009 05:25 PM

Hi Jason,

I couldn't figure out why the website was getting hits already until I came here.

It's still in the infant stages, but I went live with it anyways thinking no one would know yet!

No big deal, it just needs a lot of tweaking and content.

I'm going to send you a PM about adding products.

Hope to talk to you soon,

Greg D.

#3 3Deranged Jan 10, 2009 07:23 PM

Thanks Greg, good work on it so far! Got lots of content and should be able to add a lot more when Blake gets the new video camera. I just added it to the blog yesterday. That's why I'd like to get some specialty stuff going soon to add to the site. Maybe add a Paypal button?


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