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#1 CaseySP Jan 01, 2009 05:57 AM

Alfa P47 Crash and Repair Part 2
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Well, as I said in part 1, there was a twist to the tale. The P47 hit the dust again, this time it was my fault from a dud hand launch, leading to a torque roll into the ground. The nose was broken (but not as bad as last time), firewall destroyed, the cowel broken and flattened, the port (left) wing broke off and the port (left) tailplane was cracked at the fuselage and the top and bottom had separated at the trailing edge (perversely this proved to be a bonus).

I put it aside for a number of months while I flew my Alfa Corsair and MiG15, and worked on the GWS FW190 making it look more like an Alfa and less like a GWS.

Repairs were carried out much as before. The wing spar was doubled with a cut down ice-block stick, the wing skins doubled with 3mm depron along the breaks and the push rod straightened and re-fitted.

The tailplane was fixed by inserting a carbon rod through the opened up trailing edge to act as a spar, the elevator re-glued to the spruce joiner, and finally the trailing edge was resealed.

The cowel was fixed by taping up the inside, CA, and light weight filler. The outside was then covered in a layer of silkspan and WBPU. The fuselage was patched with depron, cracks filled with lightweight filler and given a good sand.

Finally, a new balsa battery tray was made up to replace the original ply one which was damaged after the crash. The new one is a copy of the one fitted to the Alfa MiG15. And of course a bungee hook is now fitted so this never happens again :cool: ;)

After a successful (re)maiden the patched areas were repainted and new decals made to replace those lost in the crash and repair process.

#2 Dora Nine Jan 01, 2009 02:18 PM

Better man than me. I woulda just bought a new one. ;)

#3 CaseySP Jan 01, 2009 05:21 PM

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Yea Dora, I guess in a way I sort of did with the new Corsair and MiG. But after a few months I decided to pull it out and give it another go.

My next step is to re-paint the Corsair in New Zealand colours, so I need something to fly while it's being refurbished ;) . Something like this...

#4 stuart warne Jan 01, 2009 06:30 PM

Good job casey, got to keep them flying. Look forward to seeing the Corsair when done. Be sure to post you work in the Alfa thread.

All the best,


#5 CaseySP Jan 01, 2009 10:58 PM

Thanks Stuart - will do. Flew the P47 this morning. The old MP Jet "Big Blue" (28/7 - 35D) wouldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding and the plane just limped around the sky. Could barely loop and any sort of climbing greater then 15 degrees was out of the question.

Seems to have a bad bearing noise, possibly from the crash. I pulled the motor apart and am trying to clean them out (they seem to be double shielded type - not sealed, so whatever is in there may hopefully come out). I can source some new ones locally if necessary, but for little more then twice the cost of the bearings I could get the same motor as I have fitted to the Corsair. This gives the Corsair unlimited vertical and loops as large as you like. What to do....?

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