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#1 rockom Dec 28, 2008 12:41 AM

Hangar Update
Doghouse by Dick Smith (symmetrical foil aerobatic stick)
Jim Ryan P-38
GP Reactor Bipe
Raptor 30 Heli

On the Bench:
Peck Polymers Lacey M-10

In the shop:
Mini Ultra Stick (crash recovery and motor replacement)
Sig Kadet Mark II (extensive rebuild and mods)
Align T-Rex450 Heli (tail block repair)

The ARF & Kit Pile:
Carl Goldberg Ultimate Biplane
TopFlight Hot Kanary
E-Flight Taylorcraft 450
E-Flight Mini Pulse XT
Great Planes Li'L Poke
Flyline Models Great Lakes "Trainer"
Peck Polymers Baby Ace
Peck Polymers Peanut Scale Nesmith Cougar
Peck Polymers Peanut Scale Andreason BA4-B
Peck Polymers Peanut Scale Mitsubishi Zero
Comet Phantom Fury
Guillows #201 Thomas Morse S4C Scout
Diels Engineering 1/24th scale Boeing F4B-2 Bipe

Guillows #905 P-51
Guillows #308 Beechcraft Musketeer.


#2 budkeywest Dec 30, 2008 07:43 AM

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I recently crashed my mini ultra stick.... :mad: it was given to me and I repaired it and had many great flights with it.... :)

The fuse is broke in half...seems repairable, but the wing snapped in half...it seems repairable, but it might take a while. :censored:

I am looking for a new/used MUS wing....any suggestions?

This was my favorite flying plane....talk about a nice, level, somewhat fast landing....just a dream to fly...



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