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#1 Aero-BearAZ Jun 17, 2001 05:11 PM

I've always had good service from Cermark too. They've always gotten me the right stuff and very quickly too. Their prices are the best I've seen on Hitec servos too.

The only exception to that wasn't their fault. I ordered a several RX batts, one of the 5x1100aau's I ordered for my buddy turned out to be bad. He wasn't sure if it was the battery or his hobbico accu-cycle. Quite honestly I think it was the accu-cycle that cooked it.

My one complaint about Cermark now is their current web site really stinks. The original web site was much better, had more info and more products. Granted you couldn't order off of it but that's ok. Atleast you could see what they had all in one place. Now the new site barely works most of the time and has very little product on it.

#2 Paul Jun 18, 2001 12:25 AM

Good service/prices from Cermark
I just bought 11 1900SCR's and 11 RC2400's from Cermark. They have the best prices of anyone I could find. Plus I called the order in after lunch from work on a Tuesday and the order arrived at my house the following Thursday afternoon!


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