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#1 IH8VTEC Oct 15, 2008 12:48 AM

Where to watch full scale rockets launch in Ventura Co. CA? **launch video**
I'm interested to see a full scale rocket launch and seem to be pretty close to an ideal place. I live on the border of Ventura and LA counties not too far away form Vandenberg AFB. I caught one rocket launch years ago while I was driving down into Camarillo and haven't seen one since. I checked this website for rocket launches and one is scheduled for Oct 24. My question is: Where is a good place to go to watch the launch? I've been driving around the Malibu canyons and farmland of Camarillo to find a spot away from city lights where I could park on the side of the road or rest spot and maybe set up a chair and tripod. I know nothing of rockets and their trajectory from this base other than It's a Delta II and is supposed to be one of the most visible.
I found this website and it looks like I am well within range to see any launch weather permitting. http://www.spacearchive.info/vafbview.htm
I asked the question in the rocket forum but thought it would get more exposure here.

#2 IH8VTEC Oct 25, 2008 03:54 AM

successful launch
launch video
I found a spot, the launch happened and I got some of it on tape.
For those that care, here is the play by play. start from the bottom.

#3 dlazarus6660 Nov 08, 2008 06:02 PM

Check out the Shuttle!
I don't mean to downplay your launch but if you want to see a spectacular launch, come to the east coast and watch the shuttle take off at night like I did for the first time last December...WOW!

The sight and sound was unbelivable!


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