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#1 andyj007 Oct 13, 2008 01:34 PM

Futaba 7C 2.4 not sim compatable beware!
Well traded up my 6ex 2.4g to a futaba 7c 2.4.
Got the planes all programmed in no problems.. pluged in the brand new GWS lead and am unable to calibrate for FMS, Clearview, or windows game controller..
Basically i get to the calibration page and its like going crazy like the sticks are going mad... now my 6ex worked a treat....
I phone up Ripmax today who are the UK importers to speak with there tech people..
It turns out that according to them this is normal some transmitters will work & some will not.. due to the low voltage given by the buddy output.. so its pure luck?
He then said that a number of people are reporting problems with Futaba 7c.
and that it shouldn't be used for simulators anyway.. only to connecting other transmitters together..
so here i am having spent a sodding fortune.. to make matters worse I cant even get my old transmitter to calibrate using the phono socket.. vista wont let me load in the drivers for PPJOY..
Anyone else heard of this problem with Futaba 7c? im thinking of returning it to get my old 6EX back...

any help apreciated..



#2 Aerosapien Oct 13, 2008 02:03 PM

My Futaba 7C 2.4 gig works fine with both FSOne and Phoenix. Never had an issue (except for a bad adapter one time).

Perhaps you could verify that the buddy connector on the TX is ok by buddying with another TX or something. The square connector is afterall kind of delicate compared to the old style round connector.

I hope you find an answer, good luck.

#3 andyj007 Oct 13, 2008 02:42 PM

What happend on your bad connector?? ive got two that ive tried surely they both cant be bad??
My main gripe was that Futaba UK said that there is a problem on some transmitters and that it shouldn't be used for simulators.. Because of this the unit is not faulty and cannot be fixed under warranty this despite other 7cs working..
so even if its is my Buddy connector which i will try with another radio.. Futaba stating that this is not what it should be used for is really odd.
surely alot of people have a sim?? or should i be using a dedicated sim..
is this the policy of all the radio manufactures??



#4 Aerosapien Oct 13, 2008 03:57 PM

The symptoms with my bad adapter were sort of like your "sticks going mad" description. It would stop and start as well.

I'd suggest trying to run the sim cord through the TX handle so that nothing is pulling on the connection and make sure there's no other pressure on the connector. Before replacing my bad adapter, doing this allowed the connection to work tentatively. Sometimes I had to nudge the connector a bit with my finger if it went crazy again.

I still loop the cord through the handle to ensure that the square plugs stay in good shape.

The round connectors were so much better.

The response you got from support doesn't surprise me. They designed the buddy connector for buddy boxing which is far less frequent than sim'ing. The connector gets put in and taken out frequently and the cord gets yanked. So naturally they would issue a blanket statement like "the TX should not be used with a sim" to make sure to back away from any responsibility for replacing worn connectors on the TX (the solder points can get lose as well).

#5 wgtthompson Jan 22, 2009 08:41 PM

I got it to work with a trick
I have a Futaba 7CHP and could not get it to work with FMS or Clearview. One day, I started Clearview just for the heck of it with the Futaba plugged into the USB port. It magically worked.

Days later, I plugged the Futaba 7CHP back into the comptuer and it was not recognized by Clearview.

I then pulled the USB and plugged it back in. Windows XP responded with "new hardware ready" message. I immediately started Clearview. The Clearview sim recognized my control as "PPM#" under the control setup.

I also think it depends on which USB port I was plugging into so you might try that also.

So far no luck with FMS.

#6 skirtz Jan 22, 2009 10:41 PM

You must plug in the controller BEFORE you start ClearView. You you first start ClearView and then plug in the controller, ClearView will not see the controller, even while Windows recognise it.


#7 Atom1025 May 30, 2009 09:16 PM

I know its an old post but figured I'd update this for the search engine in case some one is looking.

The Futaba 7c 2.4 works fine with FMS, I had to go to the menu-trainer-turn inh to off. set all channels to N.

Make sure the square plug is firmly installed! I had to jam mine it, sucks... I can see this breaking down the line....

Anyways it works with FMS and clearview,

#8 Sky_Dancer May 30, 2009 09:53 PM

My 7CH 2.4Ghz. works absolutely fine with Clearview and Helisim as well. I have a USB sim cable. I don't even remember the maker of it now. Got it at a table at the Perry Ga. swap meet and airshow one year.
All my issues in other recent post have been solved as well.
Now if only I could hover a plane as well as Clearview will do it with the autopilot hover assist!! :)

#9 merm Feb 19, 2010 10:17 PM

I have a Futaba 7C 2.4ghz FASST (brand new) radio and ordered the "Fly Sky" Futaba USB cable from Deal Extreme. I'm having trouble getting Windows to recognize my radio and am wondering if anyone has any suggestions.

I have tried both Windows 7 and Windows XP and neither seem to be getting a signal from the radio. When I go to control panel and attempt to 'calibrate' the calibration doesn't work (no movement on the screen during calibration). Of course this means that simulators like FMS don't work either.

I've gone in and set Trainer to "OFF" and channels 1-4 to N, I've also tried the settings as a default. I've tried with the antenna extended and retracted as another post recommended. The radio is charged, so I don't believe this is the issue.

Are others using this exact radio without problems? Are there any other ideas anyone has for me?

#10 Malc C Feb 20, 2010 03:34 AM

If you've connected the USB cable to different machines running different OS's and it still doesn't work then it would suggest the device is faulty.

One other possibility is that it's not a game interface. Googling "Fly Sky USB Cable" came up with several hits suggesting it's actually a cable for programming the radio from the PC using their own software. http://helifreak.com/showthread.php?t=97974 for example

#11 Cloudriderurt Apr 24, 2010 12:44 PM

7c sim compatibility
Hi Folks, further to the debate regarding the Futaba 7C and Sim compatibility. Futabas' UK agent states the 7C isn't compatible with many sims due to the Varying Voltage presented at the adapter pin out. ie the 7C unlike the 6EX/A etc provides a voltage that varies from set to set at the adapter pin. So some MAY work fine others WON'T. So it's generally nothing your doing wrong guys. Just the non specified voltage output of the 7C. I think it's a 5v threshold, and many don't meet that because they simply don't need to. Much to the annoyance I'm sure of many a would be Sim Pilots. You can slave a 6ex to the 7c and get around it this way. But who'd really want to do that!........Come on Futaba....more thought guys plz.

#12 Malc C Apr 24, 2010 01:26 PM

Uhmmm.. personally I wouldn't of thought the voltage levels have any bearing on the matter. Most interfaces use a PIC micro (typically 16C745 or 18F2550, the latter being the flash variant) and are programmed to detect the leading or trailing edge of the pulses and measure the duration of that pulse. So even if the voltages varies by 2 or 3 volts from one transmitter to another, it should still detect the state of the pulses.

My guess is that for some reason or another, the pulse train is either non standard timing and thus "confuses" the interfaces, or simply doesn't produce a pulse train when the interface is installed.

#13 jimmanyk May 08, 2010 02:11 AM

my problem was the socket was "deep" in the tx so the plug bottomed out on the case. After removing the back and pluging in my cable it worked. I desoldered the socket got a small piece of strip board drilled 6 holes larger to go over legs of the socket, removed the copper tracks of the strip board refitted the socket with strip board packer the legs have just enough length to solder. works ok now. I noticed that on my 8fg that the socket is nearer the surface of its case hence the 7c mod.
I suppose it could be easier to file some plastic of the sim plug but the thickness of strip board is thicker than the wall of the plug.

#14 X10an1 Dec 30, 2012 03:49 AM

I fixed it!
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Originally Posted by andyj007 (Post 10733426)
Well traded up my 6ex 2.4g to a futaba 7c 2.4.
Got the planes all programmed in no problems..
Basically i get to the calibration page and its like going crazy like the sticks are going mad...

Anyone else heard of this problem with Futaba 7c? im thinking of returning it to get my old 6EX back...

Any help apreciated..



I had the same problem. Used an Hong Kong sim-dongle and all the bars was going up and down like crazy, with only "some" interaction with my actual stick-input.

Without checking it out on an oscilloscope and just try to make a quick fix, I just soldered a capacitor between two solderingpads inside the transmitter.
I tried some different things to isolate the problem, and after I noticed it got better when I touched some solderpoints on the backside of the connectorboard I got an Impression that the problem really is related to exessive noise on the outputsignal. Maby because of poor current flow or bad impedance matching in the sim-dongle end and in the transmitter.. But like I said, I was not too busy trying to isolate the problem, I just wanted it fixed ASAP.

Of course I also searched the internet and found this thread. After I fixed it I just wanted som more guys to learn from my experience.


Well, it`s a rather easy fix. I just soldered a more or less random capacitor I had laying around to two solderpads on the backside of the circuitbord that holds the square-plug. The capacitor is a NON-ELECTROLYTIC, "relatively" small type. The one I used is 100nF 250V, but it is a rather random pick. The voltage rating is not important because all non electrolythic capacitors will tolerate this voltage-levels. I suspect I would get similar results even with a normal passive resistor of around 1-10k ohm.
OK, I must mention that I have an electronic degree, so by "random pick" I do not really mean completely random :-) but a capacitor value of 10 nF to 500nF was what I was loocking for.

Now I would really want to upload a picture, but I do not know how to do this. If it turns out I need mor than XX posts to post a picture, I will be mad at this forum and you will have to figure it out youself. But i will tell you that one of the solderpads is the signal line of the PPM signal, the other is only important to some degree. Tru something that seems like earth (0V) :-)
If you see a picture, I obviously figured it out :-)

#15 Wintr Dec 30, 2012 10:52 AM

I've been following this thread, and find it interesting; could it be that Futaba has improved the design in the last few years? My 7C worked with my PC 'out of the box'; no issues with poor connections or jittery controls, on any channel. Perhaps, I'm just one of the lucky few; I've always had a sort of Midas touch with electronics.

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