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#1 zemuron Jan 22, 2003 11:04 PM

vmar pilatus pc 9/A Roulettes, semi scale sport model ARF for sale
It's a vmar pilatus pc9/A Roulettes, semi scale sport model ARF: Wingspan -57 3/4 (147cm)
Wing area -570SG IN (35Dm2)
Length -50" (127cm)
Weight -5.1/2 -6.1/2 Lbs (2.5 -2.8kg)
Engine -.46 -.60 (6.5 -10cc) 2 cycles
.53 -.70 (8cc -12cc) 4 cycles
Radio 4 channel 4 servos required

I bought it at my LHS for 240$CN. I want 200$CN. It does NOT include the motor and the radio.

I want to sell it because when I bought it I really thought I could fly it. Then when I went on a forum because I needed help on building it. They all said that I should start with a trainer first authowise I will have to throw the airplane in the garbage after I crash it.

I opened 4 bags in it to check if any parts were damaged and I didn't see any. I am not sure if when I bought there were some missing parts thought. But I didn't loose any.

My LHS doesn't want to give me a refund. I don't know why. I think it's because I opened some bags.

I decided that with the money it will help me buy a tmaxx 2.5. So if somebody has one for sell, tell me because we could trade?




#2 zemuron Jan 22, 2003 11:09 PM

This is not for my airplane. But I want to know what "post a poll" does. It's a features when a new thread is made.

And also I attached a pictures on my thread. But it alwas has to be downloaded. How can I show the pictures on my page instead of downloading it?

#3 zemuron Jan 23, 2003 02:54 PM

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My airplane looks ALOT like this one. The only differences I can see is the coulor and the edges at the ends of the wings on my airplane is straight not rounded like in this picture.

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