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#1 Graham Stabler Jan 11, 2003 07:02 PM

Micro Thread Index (the best place to start)
This is an experiment, a thread of threads. You post what threads in indoor and micros you think contain info so useful that they shouldn't be forgotten/lost.

I'll decide if you're right (;) ) and add them to this message at the top of the thread and try to group them etc, this will keep this thread super short and easy to reference.



show off those ar6400 planes!

Post your models for the Kyosho/Parkzone RX here



Picture Posting Guidlines


Look here for info on simple micro models



MICRO RC VENDORS (vendors of radios, motors, kits, equipment, etc for Micro RC)

Micro RC Publication/Personal/Club Web Sites

Indoor Flying Sites

Plane Thread Index



17.5-inch Chilton DW1 by Graham Smith. This thread has downloadable pdf files with construction details and templates. The plane is built from paper and foam but could be adapted to all foam, tissue covered foam, etc.

Come and get it - MicroMoth plan!!

MicroPitts plans are here

Profile Guided Mite plan

My new chariot car powered Bit Bipe

Quick Junior plan and construction article in the December 2003 Inside Story. The QJ is a nice stick plane for pager motor power and actuator control with a typical weight of between 15 and 18 grams.

Sources of 3-Views thread. Sources of 3-views since these are where many micro semi-scale models start.

RC Car Conversions

Long thread with much discussions on bitcharger car conversions
Bitcharger conversion

Bitcharger stickies, threads created to show conclusions:

1. Working Bitchargers

2. Bitcharger TX mods

3. Bitcharger receiver mods

Another good thread with a good link
Bitchar-G / Bitcharger Secretes Revealed!

A mod for adding a stick
Converting Bit Charge tx to stick type rudder control

Some more working bitcharger projects
Succesful "Bit" plane


Bit ESC (BitSC) A speed controller for Bit models

Wattage Micro Flyer

Wattage Micro Flyer Mods: A summary thread for modifications people have made to this RTF micro flyer.


Micro 3D a thread with discussion and examples of Micro 3D planes.

#2 Graham Stabler Aug 30, 2003 08:14 AM

Inside Story Index
January 2003

Actuator basics and Magnetic battery attachment.

February 2003

Motor constants, Lightening servos/receivers, Driving actuators, cheap wattmeter, Prop prototyping in the microwave, Low voltage indicators for LiPoly.

April 2003

Actuator torque, Printing on to balsa, Modifying plastic props, hot wire foam cutting

June 2003.

Molding carbon fiber props, Applying tissue covering to foam, Simple and Light Rigging Method for "scaleish" models, Travels with my camera (pictures of models).

December 2003

Quick junior pager powered model plan, trimming small models, actuator tips, litz wire making, homemade tweezers

March 2004

Pocket guide to pager motors, Plan feature: Bump a simple foam model for bit car or other micro RC, The Etec90 cell

#3 Graham Stabler Jan 22, 2004 03:52 PM

How Tos
Coil Winding:

Polypropylene coil winding method

actuator coils/ bobbin style

How to make an actuator ( step by step )

Candle Wax Bobbins for Winding Coils

DIY thermo-bonding wire

Actuator/servo Building

homemade remote actuator
Homemade 1.2 gm servo details/photos

Carbon Prop making:

homebrew cf prop

Making carbon props

Other useful techinques:

Etching - for PCB boards and small metal parts.

#4 Graham Stabler Jan 22, 2004 03:55 PM


Brushless motors in the mg range? Extremely small single phase motors.

Working Micro Brushless Outrunner Motors. This thread is a nice place to see what micro, sub 10g, outrunner brushless motors people have been building.

Micro BL Test Results

Uttam's Mightly Midget 3.5g and 5.5g Brushless Outrunners

2.25g Micro Outrunner and related small motors.

home made brushless

Micro Outrunner Brushless Motor Experiments

Small LRK outrunner

7.5mm brushless motor

Gary Jones' 7.7g Brushless Disk Motor in a 46g Micro 3D plane

Brushless motors in the mg range?

DIY radio and infrared

DIY Infra-red


Diy Am Tx/rx


Plantraco Throttle Stick Fix. Matt Keennon and Chuck Haverlah's method to remove the spring loaded centering on the Plantraco 900mhz throttle stick.

RFFS on two cells

DIY simple lipoly charger

My Little CNC mill

.1g muscle wire actuator

Ultra Light 3 Gram!!! Servos. You can do it!

MAV (Micro Air Vehicle) Threads

MAV Resources and Links

MAV Discussion

Working MAV's

#5 Graham Stabler Jan 26, 2004 04:57 AM

Data & Measurement
1 Attachment(s)
Motor Constants for Micro Motors. Max efficiency and max power rpm obtained using Jochen Bergmeyer's technique for determining motor constants. Covers N20 sized motors and below.

DC5-2.4 and Firefly Coreless Motors

7mm Pager Motors from Super Slicks RC cars.

Blade Runner N20 motor tests. The Blade runner N20 is a high cogging motor with lower resistance than a standard N20-LV and stronger magnets.

Thrust Stands for Micro Motors

135mAh Lithium Polymer Cell Tests

Bruce Abbott's GWS Prop Thrust Calculator
Originally posted in this post
Bruce wrote:

Included in the attached zip archive is an Excel spreadsheet with all my measurements for GWS props, and a thrust calculator. To calculate thrust at another rpm, enter your rpm along with the prop's diameter, pitch, and tconst from the measurements section.

If you have a prop that is not listed, you can try guessing its tconst by comparing to a similar prop that I have tested. In general, slowfly props have higher tconst than hyperdrive, and a higher pitch/diameter ratio also increases pconst (up to a point, then it decreases as the prop stalls).

Note that my tconst is NOT the same as Motocalc's tconst (which is calculated from power, not rpm!).
Download the zipped spreadsheet file below and use.

#6 Graham Stabler Jan 26, 2004 05:03 AM

Printed tissue techniques

Printed Tissue Madness

Printed Tissue Techniques Tutorial

Printed Tissue Graphics Files

Another Micro Nieuport & Tissue Printing Tutorial

Foam building techniques

Skeletonized Foam Airframes Thread

Theraforming zepron..Lets kick it up a Notch

Molding Airframes Knowledge Exchange Insider Thread


Thread on Billy Stiltner's flying speed calculator etc available on his web site.

Gearbox Construction Techniques

Watch gear gearboxes

For the Solite challenged...

Building Light

KP-00 fan unit construction

Control Surface Hinge Material?

DIY propellers

Walnut Dime Scale Cook Up! (lots of building techniques and models)

Workshop Gadgets

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