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#1 edge5foamy Feb 16, 2008 09:05 PM

Flying Today!
Well, me and Bryan D went up to Hodges today. PERFECT flying weather!
Very little wind early after noon, ZERO wind from about 4:00 to dark. I got about 20 flights in. I took the Telemaster, F/A-18, and Pitts S2. I took the SlowStick incase we stayed late enough to night fly, but we didnt. I did di about 8 air drops with the Telemaster. Parachute men came out perfect every time!

I got to see Bill Fly his BVM Electra Jet! Only the nose, and right retracts would come down, so he had to retract em, and belly land it.

Joey was doing an auto with the T-Rex 600, when the Rx pack came unplugged, it fell strait to the ground from about 50ft! Did I ever mention I HATE JST connectors!?!?! It did a number on it too.

Ryan Evans brought out the BIG Cessna! He kept having trouble with the left engine. 3 times he took it up, and the left engine failed! The dude is one heck of a pilot. Landed it perfect all 3 times. It is Hard to land a twin engine plane when only one motor is running! He finally got it going, and was up flying for about 3-4min when the servo arm came off the right aileron servo. Aileron, and wing started fluttering like crazy! He landed it perfect too!

All in all it was a great day! first time I ever went to a hobby shop, and only spent $4!

Bryan bought a World Models UniJet! Stocked up on Foam safe CA too!

I did get some aerial video from the Telemaster! I will post it as soon as I am done editing.

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