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        Sparrow Hawk Conversion?

#1 tekochip Dec 25, 2002 08:17 PM

Sparrow Hawk Conversion?
I got a Dumas Sparrow Hawk for Christmas :) . I'm a bit of a airship freak, so this is a cool model because the Sparrow Hawks were launched in the air from the Macon and Akron.

Anyway, has anybody done a conversion on this model?

#2 Demon-Leather Dec 25, 2002 11:07 PM

What's the Wingspan??
I'm thinking You might have to "enlarge" the kit a bit before You do a conversion,unless you want to go the sub,sub $$$$ micro route... No real problem there though... If you haven't punched-out any parts off the laser cutting,(even if You did,the fit right back in :D ) Just take your parts & photo copy them. Then, take the plans & the copies to a CAD blueprint shop and have them enlarged to around a 28-30" span. Then all you need do is cut new wood parts and use GWS sub-micro equipment and a IPS (tigermoth) motor. If You want an easy way to transfer your parts to new wood using your new photo copies just follow My Step-by-step transfer thread... You'll be flying in no time! :D Bob
Here is a link...

PS: Since You'll be using the lasered parts on the sheet,all you'll need do is lay that entire sheet down on the new balsa and it will transfer the whole thing right to a new balsa sheet and look just like the lasered sheet... except You have to cut it... Also, make a couple extra copies in case you have a Boo-Boo trying the transfer,as it only works one time...

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