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        Discussion Can I use a Spektrum Air RX with a Spektrum Surface TX?

#1 Bigmaxy Jan 19, 2008 07:25 PM

Can I use a Spektrum Air RX with a Spektrum Surface TX?

I currently run an Airtronics M8 with Spektrum Module and SR3000 and SR3100 Rx's. I'm thinking of purchasing a DX7 for aircraft use and was wondering if I could use the aircraft receivers for car and boat use also to maximise the investment. I know they are a 6 channel rx vs 3 but that shouldn't matter. Will they bind?

#2 Danal Estes Jan 19, 2008 07:57 PM

No, the protocols are completely different. Older Spektrum surface gear and the newer DX6, DX6i, DX7, x9303 do not interoperate.

You can, however, use your DX7 TX (or any of the newer TXs) and their associated receivers in a surface craft. There is no "band" or "frequency" restriction like there was with 72Mhz US "Aircraft only" or (correct me if I'm wrong on the number) 35Mhz Australia "Aircraft Only" bands. 2.4Ghz can be used to control any type of craft.

Many folks are using the newer DX series radios in Robots, Cars, Tanks, I've even seen a post regarding scale trains.

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