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#1 dude_109 Jan 08, 2008 06:01 PM

Let me introduce myself...
Greetings everyone,

I'm a 40 yr old in Texas. I had always been into flight. I started with plastic model kits as a kid and after college got into rc planes. I wanted to do heli but 15 yrs ago, they were very expensive and difficult to learn so I stuck with airplanes. Flew for about a year before the plane met its demise. I next went to flying real planes and got a private pilot license. Got about 80 flight hours. Then came marriage, house, and kids and I was all the way back to plastic kits but with a vigor as forum websites such as Hyperscale helped me learn to use an airbrush to create beautiful works of arts.

This past Christmas, I got one of those micro 2 channel heli and was immediately hooked. Over the holidays I researched the web like crazy for my next heli and discovered this site. My readings here as well as having a Micro Center store in town so that I could get a Lama V3 for $60 made up my mind and I got one last weekend. I'm still nervous about flying a much more complex heli so still starring at it and learning about all of the pieces that make it work.

You all have been a big help and I'll be reading and asking questions in the near future as I set of learning this new hobby. My goal is to progress from co-axial to FP to CP so that I can put together a scale looking heli. I'm not interested in aerobatic maneuvers but just nice graceful flights around my house and yard.

Also, I'm realizing that $60 is just enough to get me involved but the heli came with cheaper made parts and contemplating the upgrade and replacement pieces are going to run me more than double what I paid for originally and that's where these manufacturers are making their money.

So...thank goodness for this site.

#2 Turnell Jan 08, 2008 06:05 PM

Welcome to RCG. You'll find a lot of helpful people here and some very intersting pointers for you on your journey. Good luck.........


#3 Realmkaos Jan 11, 2008 06:19 PM

Welcome and good luck....helis are addictive and challenging

#4 RMG2 Jan 11, 2008 07:00 PM

Welcome friend!

I'm new here (since Christmas) also and I can tell ya you have come to the right place to learn and hang-out with friendly, knowledgeable folks. You'll learn a ton about the most popular model coaxial helis in here, so start reading and enjoy!

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