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#1 Pull-Up Dec 26, 2007 09:31 PM

What size is the YAK-54 in RF
I have RF G4.0. I intend to purchase a 47" YAK (probably the 3D HobbyShop). So, I have been practicing to fly the YAK-54 on the sim.

But, what size is the Yak in the sim ? As you are aware, the Yak is sold in many different wing spans (from 47" to 120"). In the sim, I checked the properities (Aircraft Editor). The editor shows that the "Current Phyics Width" is 8.36 feet (which is 100 inches). So, is the simulator simulating the flight of a 100" wing span Yak ?

How does the flight characteristics of the 100" YAK compare to the 47" YAK ?
I did some researching, and I see that the 47" plane has just half of the wing loading than the larger sizes. That is, the 47" is typically 38 ounces with 424 sq. inch wing area (11 square inches per ounce), whereas the larger plans (any size larger than the 47") is just half (5 square inches per ounce). The only thing that I can see is that the larger planes are not electric. Is the electric motor really that much lighter than an engine ? Why does the planes larger than 47" have twice the wing loading than the 47" plane ?

Also, I plan to purchase the electric version of the 47" YAK. How different is the flight characteristics of the YAK-54 in the RF (which has a engine) compared to the model that I intend to purchase which has an electric motor ?

On the Swap page, I downloaded the "Electric Yak 54" (file name "Electric Yak-54_AV.g3x"). However, this electric Yak 54 has the same wing loading of the orginial RF motorized Yak 54. So, this is not an accurate simulator for my 47" Yak that I intended to purchase, which would have half of the wing loading). Please advise. THANKS

#2 Pull-Up Dec 27, 2007 11:15 PM

Here is an update for anyone that might be in the same situation as me.

Thanks to the Knife Edge Forum member "opjose" for giving me a variant that was exactly what I was looking for (48" wing and 44 oz).


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