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        Re: [rec.models.rc.land] Newbie Guide and FAQ

#1 SiKing Dec 14, 2002 09:13 PM

Re: [rec.models.rc.land] Newbie Guide and FAQ
SiKing wrote:
> I am seriously lacking in time to give this document (and the hobby) the attention
> it deserves. If anyone would be interested in taking over the maintenance of this,
> please contact the author <mailto:siking@myrealbox.com>.

Hi all,

I guess I should have made an announcement earlier, sorry.
As mentioned above, I am seriously lacking in time (actually time
management, but that's 'nother discussion). I have had some bad things
happen in my personal life, and I need to straighten out my life. Kerry
Garrison has agreed to take over the FAQ that I have started; he still
needs to get approved for the change to be able to post to *.answers (which
nowadays takes a few months), but he now "owns" the document. I will still
be dropping by here from time to time, I had a good time with the hobby and
hopefully I will be returning to it soon.

See ya around in cyberspace, SiKing.

mean people suck, naughty people swallow :o

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