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#1 13Flatspins Dec 09, 2007 06:49 PM

My Hangar
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In my last blog entry I stated that I was in a funk about this hobby. I haven' t done any serious flying since Sept. '05. It's hard to keep focused when both of your 1/4 scale models fight with you to be airborne! I can thank my friend known on this forum as "thedonn" for turning me on to this forum. I have been regularly reading and coresponding here on this site. I feel my funk slowly melting away! I am still seriously thinking of selling a plane or two so I can afford to buy a heli though...
Here is my basic hangar in photos. The first set is the biggest reason why it's so hard for me to get to the flying field; My full-scale boat!
Set A) Boat
Set B) Ultra Sport built in '97. OS Max .46 engine, SpringAir retracts, Monokote covering & Airtronics radio
Set C) Lanier Ultimate Pitts built in '99. Saito 180 engine, TMJ Simple Smoke system, Ultracote covering & Airtronics radio
Set D) Lanier Laser 300 built in 2003. Saito 150 engine, switched back to Monokote 'cause I didn't like the Ultra paint match on the Pitts and Airtronics radio. NOTE: Every star was hand cut. Either in Monokote or blue tape depending on where they were applied. Seemed to take forever!!

#2 13Flatspins Dec 09, 2007 06:51 PM

Well shoot! Wouldn't you know that thus site couldn't arrange my pics correctly!!

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