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        Floats as skis?

#1 DennisG Dec 14, 2002 10:38 AM

Floats as skis?
Hi -
Anyone ever ROS using floats?
Do they work OK as skis?
I thought I remembered a thread here where someone suggested that.
A friend just bought a cabin on a lake in VT, and we're going up there for New Year's eve.
I want to be able to fly my Tiger Moth off the frozen lake.
I also want to be able to fly it off the lake when we go up again in the summer.
Should I get both skis and floats, or can I get away with just floats?
Let me know.

#2 easy2fly Dec 14, 2002 01:41 PM

your floats will work great off of the snow. i have a tm with floats and it flies great off the fluffy snow or hard packed. turns great on the snow too just using the air rudder. after gettin it goin pretty fast on the snow, it will keep running fast on grass if there is a spot in the snow where grass has popped up, which will probly not be a problem for you on the lake. have fun, jeff

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