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#1 Shawn Palmer Dec 14, 2002 12:09 AM

Poll to find the winner of the "Photo Scavenger Hunt" contest
Here we all are - it's a two man race between Patrick and Lance, the bravest, most self-sacrificing, and only REAL MEN on this site.



#2 putt_13 Dec 14, 2002 12:54 AM

Why dont you post the pics. So people can see what they are voting on. -P

PS- Please include the details of my bad camera, and the whiskers..AKA Secret Weapon....LOL :D

#3 Matthew Allen Dec 14, 2002 04:25 AM


You guys make me look normal;) :D


#4 H Hand Dec 14, 2002 05:07 AM

I can't believe that turn coated traitor Don turned his hand against me and voted two thumbs down....:mad: Just to show that I'm not a bad sport even though I did qualify for the contest and was unjustly voted out but this is a democracy where every handy vote counts I wish either gentleman good luck.
Don, I'll get you my pretty....

#5 FlycastSeven Dec 14, 2002 07:40 AM

Shawn, you have the funniest avatars..

Go Patrick!!

#6 Don Sims Dec 14, 2002 02:10 PM

Hummm. 2pm Sat and they are even... wouldn't be great if they tied and both got the prize!!

#7 putt_13 Dec 14, 2002 02:28 PM


Hummm. 2pm Sat and they are even... wouldn't be great if they tied and both got the prize!!
I'm All For That

PS- Just Remember...Who Was The One Who Had Whiskers(unable to see in the picture) :D -Patrick

#8 putt_13 Dec 15, 2002 10:22 PM

There must be a secret alliance against the 16yr old from Wisconsin. LOL 15 to 6 :D -P

PS- At least I tried...UNLIKE all the rest of you guys

#9 Lance Dec 16, 2002 12:06 AM

it's late...I should be in bed..but I love the zone
Hey Patrick,
Good to see you're still up too. I've just been sitting back watching the Zone for the weekend, learning a little here and there. Had to take a break for a while today and get out to fly the Bandit. Yet another *fantastic* day to fly here in north central Texas today.

As far as the contest...what can I say? It only shows that we're a pair of guys with the stones to do what most wouldn't take the time to do....which is to do something really idiotic and silly in the spirit of sharing E Zone. I had fun doing it. Not only that, but I got two nice girls involved (her friend took the pic).
In the end it probably comes down to this...guys like chicks. Chicks win out over whiskers every time. Chicks...my secret weapon. :)

Well...it's about 5 after midnight here....so it's the same time in Dallas. What's up Shawn? What's the next contest gonna be? You're not already in bed are you? :D

#10 Shawn Palmer Dec 16, 2002 12:10 AM

Bed? Wazzat?

Congrats Lance!

Santa's bringing you something soon!

He's also got something in his bag for Mr. Patrick as well!


#11 dixonk Jan 05, 2009 07:50 AM

where is a link to the photo hunts? is there going to be another??

#12 HappyKillmore Jan 05, 2009 08:47 AM

This thread is only 6 years old?!?!

#13 Andy W Jan 05, 2009 09:08 AM

Too funny - his avatar and user title - "common sense RC" ..

#14 Murocflyer Jan 05, 2009 02:40 PM

Well let's do another!


#15 dixonk Jan 05, 2009 04:48 PM

Come on Andy and Happy dont hate on the new guy!!
I would like to see another hunt,,, uh 6 years it's almost time to!


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