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#1 birdofplay Oct 21, 2007 04:53 PM

Buccaneer Old Timer foamy
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Some time ago I thought it would be fun to do an Old Timer in foam.
The 1937 Bill Effinger Buccaneer design has always been a favorite.
I liked flying my big 88" span Buc with a 4-sroker on the nose.
Even more fun on floats at the lake.

For the foamy version I choose a 48" span to insure it being a Floater too.
The Blue RCFoam 1/8" thick and the UC foils ideas presented elsewhere in this
forum also sounded like they'd be good to incorporate.

I used CAD to "pretty up" the fuse and make it appear to be built up.
It's just a bunch of lightening holes.

With the short nose I decided that a double stator motor would be best.
plus a spot to put the battery in the nose helps to make the Cg just right.

The LG is simple CF rod crossed and the axel bound between them with
Kevlar thread and CA. It's taken serious beatings this summer with no
complaints or breakage.

The fuse is lined with some small strips of 1/32 ply on each side at the
front and rear wing hold down areas. Plus I later added some more to
reinforce the wing saddle area, since the foam was getting beat up from use.

I made EPP wheels from scraps left over from my Unicorn wing blanks.
All up wo battery it's 13.5 oz. I use either 1650ma or 1300ma 3s1p lipos.

I've flown ~60 T&Gs with the 1300's in one flight.
It's done lots of nice slow Loops, powering OFF at the top and keeping
a wary eye on that foam wing :eek:

Using only Rudder, Elevator an 18amp Esc and a small CC RX
I've had nothing but good times with this bird all summer long.
I take it to large scale Aero Tow meets here in the NW and fly it
before and after the big birds are up.

This fall I hit on the idea of using TWO sheets of 3mm depron and
sandwitching the "Covering" between them. Using 3m77 or similar to
bond the sheets into a 6mm thick piece with the monocote trapped
between them before assembly. I even used clear for the side windows.
I also used White and Black ( outside/inside) colors for pleasing contrast.

Then I had some Built Up wings from a Porter project that never got
completed, so I used them on this new Buc. These wings have Hot Bent LE
and then ribs glued inside.
It's RCFoam with the shiny skin on the outside.
Each wing half holds at least a small metal VISE up without
too much complaining. NO SPAR ! OK there is a CF tube to join them
for flight, but, the strength test was done without the spar !

I cut Ailerons and FLAPS into this wing and used four servos.
Besure to mechanicly arrainge yours so that both the flaps and
ailerons can be Y'd into a single channel.

This plane was flown TODAY for the first time in the mist no less .
I was worried about the power as this plane came out lots heavier at 20 oz
I used a green CC mamba inrunner motor and gearing. 8.5x8 prop
Surprise !!! it rolled out nicely but I had to add lots of down trim.
I guess the decelage, set for the flat UC wing, is off a tad.
I'll jack up the TE a smidge and let you know after the next flights.
This wing also seems to like the use of Rudder coordinated turns.
It has NO dihedral so that makes some sense.

Experienced builders should have few problems with this design.
Fee free to experiment and enhance your version.

If you do need some clarifications just let me know.

Have fun

Bob Neitzke

#2 soar-ne Oct 21, 2007 05:12 PM

Now thats one fine looking plane I dont care what yah say!!!! Like the laminateing of the covering and the foam. Is on my build list for this winter. I have 2 1/2 rolls of Red Trans. Monocote in the bin that I will try to use.
How many blades did you use cutting all those circles, ovals and tri-angles out? Sure is a novel idea. I will use a undercamber wing with a KF bottom step on mine, have found it to be a great airfoil for slow parkies and has a great glide plus is a simple build.
Many thanks for the plans to you and Bill S

Happy Flying

#3 birdofplay Oct 21, 2007 05:24 PM

Your'e welcome, Bill.
And the KF experiment will be a good one for this bird.
Looking forward to that effort.

I have to appologize for all the holes, but you see, I have a CNC cutter :-) not a laser
I dont think it would harm much to NOT cut them all out, ya know.

I'm going to be be adding some more pix soon.

#4 birdofplay Oct 21, 2007 05:33 PM

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Well here is a few more pix for your approval.

I found some spare plastic "Drawer Dividers" and cut em into Horns.
Just another cost saving tip :-)

I used a piece of Liteply for the motor mount on both Bucs.

Also a strip of 3M Velcro to hold the battery in place.

Larger wheels and LG for better prop clearance on the New Buc

#5 Rusty-Gunn Oct 21, 2007 06:02 PM

This is a fine looking build you got there.

#6 birdofplay Oct 21, 2007 06:24 PM

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Thanx Rusty:

I'm adding even more pix just now :-)

#7 birdofplay Oct 21, 2007 08:06 PM

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I finally REdiscovered where my wing build photos were.

#8 chaosMurphy Oct 22, 2007 07:33 AM


WOW! Nice build.

And, what an excellent example how technology changed from sticks, tissue and dope, the A and B battery to foam and lipo.

I built a couple of these in the early/mid 1950s. Gas free flight, a bunch of dihedral and remember jacking the back of the wing up with a matchbox to decrease the incidence.

Then a one channel RC. The servo (called escapement back then) was rubber band powered and only turned in one direction. The model flew like and was nick named the galloping ghost.

Thanks for the walk back through time.

#9 gpw Oct 22, 2007 07:36 AM

Birdo , NICE!!!! ... and no hundreds of little sticks to fit either.... COOL !!!! Just a rash of Old Timers out there to "foamize"... :D

#10 birdofplay Oct 22, 2007 10:28 AM

Thanks, G ramps ! yup yup yup I actually HAVE some escapments preserved
somewhere around here !

GPW: happy B'day and Thanks also :-)

I always like the way the Buc handled as opposed to oh say the Quaker.
PLus I liked the NORTHRUP style Tail "look" . it was a 30's thang :-)

I'll going for an airplane ride back to Indiana t'morrow
so I WONT be able to answer questions for a while.

But Y'all can start cuttin HOLES out in the meantime :-)

#11 segraves Oct 22, 2007 11:31 AM


Originally Posted by Gramps:>)
...Then a one channel RC. The servo (called escapement back then) was rubber band powered and only turned in one direction. The model flew like and was nick named the galloping ghost.

Thanks for the walk back through time.

Yes. IIRC, Babcock was the maker of the escapement. I still have mine in a box of about 40+ year old and slightly newer RC goodies.

Adding to the historical perspective, the term "galloping ghost" was later applied to single channel propotional control, in which the elevator and rudder were interconnected via a scotch-yoke like linkage, driven by a Mighty-Midget motor, the direction of which was usually switched via a single-pole double-throw relay. The rate of pulsing of the transmitter controlled the elevator, while the pulse width controlled the rudder. John Worth was one of the first, IIRC, to offer plans, via an MAN article, and kits, via Ace R/C, for a pulser that could be plugged into the transmitter (in place of the transmitter keying cable. Back then, giant 27 MHz CB transmitter boxes, e.g., Gyro made one, were the norm, replete with 1/4 wave antenna and a remote cable for keying. I lost my Gyro transmitter in a move back in 1971, but I still have my first "hand-held" Galloping Ghost transmitter, with built-in pulser, control stick, and transmitter board. Batteries were too heavy then, so a cable from the TX to a large Nicad battery pack, ground or waist(belt)-mounted, was used.

Bill Segraves

#12 FirstShirt Oct 22, 2007 03:04 PM

BOP, Man, that's a beauty! Thanks for the thread. I rarely see a old timer that doesn't catch my eye. Nothing like a floater for a relaxed, "lawn chair potato" evening of flying. Pat

#13 birdofplay Oct 22, 2007 05:08 PM

You're welcome Firstshirt :-) enjoy

yup yup yup perfect for those calm late evening
relaxing flights around the patch ;-)

I have an OS Minitron Escapment s-2s and as-4s
two Futaa ML-2a escapments

All NIB wiht instructions and packaging .
Oror should that be Old In Box :-)))

C U in a few weeks - I'm oughta here !

#14 gpw Oct 23, 2007 06:53 AM

Gosh , remember that old stuff ... push the button once for left , twice for right ...I think the planes flew better than we did...hahahahaha

#15 segraves Oct 23, 2007 07:15 AM


Originally Posted by gpw
Gosh , remember that old stuff ... push the button once for left , twice for right ...I think the planes flew better than we did...hahahahaha

Egads! You are as old as dirt, after all. ;-)

I didn't write the pulse sequence in my narrative because I couldn't remember it. Thanks for reconnecting the wires.

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