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#1 barryhu Oct 17, 2007 10:43 PM

Official Announcement from AirThunder Li-Poly Battery, LLC
Dear Friends,

During the past month there has been much speculation about AirThunderís supplier. Quite a few forum discussion threads on AirThunder packs were hijacked and turned into battle ground. As honesty has always been our policy, and with the blessing from our OEM partner, we have decided to disclose our supplier. We want to set the record straight, and to give people who deserve the credit their due.

Who makes AirThunderís cells?
AirThunderís cells are proudly made in Taiwan by EXA Energy, Ltd. (http://exa.com.tw/exa/index.htm). The rumor that Enerland produces our cell is incorrect. EXA is has been supplying batteries for the consumer electronic industry for more than 6 years. It is only recently that they ventured into the RC market. You can see a list of the major shareholders under the profile page.

Who owns the technology?
EXA Energy, Ltd does. The lead developer of this technology is Dr. YihSong Jan, an outstanding chemist and the CTO of EXA. You can check out the patent of this technology at Taiwanís Intellectual Property Office http://www.tipo.gov.tw/eng/howto/pat...ngno=095216372.

We hope the above information will stop all the unnecessary attack and false accusation about AT and stop all the nonsense on the forums.

Air Thunder will continue to distribute and support our own brand of LiPo battery packs, supplied by EXA. We are also proud to be an agent for EXA.

Thank you for reading.

Mandy Jan
Barry Hu
Air Thunder Lipo LLC

#2 bc-slowflyer Nov 21, 2007 01:48 AM

Who are your distributors for Air Thunder in the USA and Canada?

Rod :)

#3 barryhu Nov 22, 2007 01:02 AM

Dear Rod,

We sell direct to consumer at www.airthunder.com. We also have a growing distributor/retailer network. Please contact us at sales@airthunder.com if you are interest in becoming a retailer.


Barry H.
AirThunder, LLC

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