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#1 Pilot2242 Oct 04, 2007 06:41 AM

Western Victoria, Australia Flying Group?

I'm from Marnoo in western victoria, australia.
I was wondering if there is any RC clubs or a group of people that fly planes together around this ares (Around the Horsham, Stawell area?).

The other week I went and brought a Tradewind RC plane and got used to flying RC planes with that. I brought a Cessna 182 today, I havent flown it yet (too frightened to try yet) also Its been too windy to even think about flying. It allways seems to be really windy for ages just after you get a new plane. Don't you hate that.

Anyway, there's some nice flat clear areas to fly around here but I would like to go to a club or meet some people with the same interests and talk about flying and maby do some flying myself too. It gets a bit boreing flying on my own all the time.

Any information would be appreciated.

Thanks :)


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