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#1 meatbomber Aug 14, 2007 11:47 AM

Depron Puddle TWIN Seaplane
Depron Puddle twin Seaplane flying :)

#2 Redherring Aug 14, 2007 01:02 PM

Very, very nice! :eek: Great flying, great videography and beautiful scenery. :)

Cheers, RH../

#3 birdlives1955 Aug 14, 2007 02:57 PM

Whoa! Cool, very nice job on that plane and super flying/video. Thanks for posting. Looked pretty peaceful out there! Hey what are you using for power in that plane? THanks.

#4 meatbomber Aug 14, 2007 04:31 PM

it`s powered by a 2S 800mAh pack, 20A Jeti ESC (brushed) and 2 x Speed 280 brushed motors i had lying around from Ikarus Piccolo Helicopters ;) They swing Guenther Props (also used on the Multiplex Easy Star) as direct drives.

Flying time with the above flying style 14 minutes.


#5 birdlives1955 Aug 14, 2007 05:37 PM

Sweet! Sounds like a really nice set-up. :)

#6 royalb Aug 14, 2007 08:36 PM

a very fine production. :) that is a very happy hour time of day for those of us lucky enough to see this blog. nice job on model and film, thanks. :)

#7 LONGBIKE Jan 14, 2008 02:27 PM


What size is this plane in this video I know you built several different sizes!

This one looks perfect for behind my house on the lake!

Thanks :

#8 meatbomber Jan 14, 2008 02:42 PM

That`s the oriinal size Puddle Twin by Roland Merk, The plans are in my build thread in the waterflying section.

The wingspann is 80cm or 31,5in it`s really small actually :) but very good for small ponds

#9 LONGBIKE Jan 14, 2008 02:59 PM

Well thats what I got behind my house should be perfect.

When you print out the plans does it allready print in the actual size or do I need to select a size?

Thanks for your quick reply your plane really flies so smooth and slow just what I need.

#10 meatbomber Jan 14, 2008 03:19 PM

ther`s a tiled file and a untiled file, if you take the untiled to your favorit copy shop and have it printed it should be no problem, the size is A0 or 800mm x 950mm for the paper to get the correct size... if you want it sized for letter format i can probably make you one set of the plan in pdf form with tile print, just let me know if you need that and which size... it`s just a LOT less work if you don`t need to glue the plan together ;)

#11 LONGBIKE Jan 14, 2008 03:52 PM

Thanks meatbomber,

I will try to do it this way I would like to have it all printed out on one piece of paper instead of pasting it all together.
Thanks for your info your a great help!

If I have any problems I will contact your for your help...
Thanks again.

#12 LONGBIKE Jan 17, 2008 10:26 PM


Are you only useing rudder and elevator controls with no alirons
on this size plane in this video?

How do you think this plane would work with the alirons installed or would it be too much weight for this size plane?

Im just waiting on my depron to come in the mail and I will get started on building this plane.


#13 meatbomber Jan 18, 2008 02:52 AM

The Puddle is designed for elevator and rudder only and it works great in any of the sizes ;) My Monster only has E/R/T too.

I made a Small Puddle with ailrons and it works perfectly :) very aerobatic! I did however make the wing with no dihedral at all..

So really depends on what you want, if you want it easy like a trainer build it with no ailerons, if you want it a bit more complex build it with ailerons.

The wing is VERY VERY easy to build, so you could make one without for your first try and if yu feel the need for ailerons just make another one... i need about 30 minutes to build a Wing with the Puddle Twin design...

#14 LONGBIKE Jan 20, 2008 04:08 PM


I just tried to get a print of the plane plans at the print shop and they told me the untile version is tiled.
Do you by chance have the plans for the box body in a untile version or can you tell me where to get one?

Sorry but Im not a computor person and dont know how to change this around.

Thanks for your help,

#15 meatbomber Jan 20, 2008 05:07 PM

for the box version no sorry only the tiled plans... you could try with roland directly find his e-mail here

i have never built the box fuse... i like the cartoon look of the original fuse better but it is a bit more tricky to get it straight i guess ;)

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