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#1 Jedimaster65 Nov 11, 2002 04:34 AM

Multiplex Cargo questions
I have just aquired a Multiplex Cargo second hand, (painted up like a B17 flying fortress !)without instructions...and am wondering what battery packs to use ?
Anyone any ideas ?
Also, where should the C of G be ???

#2 joao Nov 11, 2002 05:10 AM


Take a look at:




#3 countmonk Nov 11, 2002 05:58 AM

The Exact placement of C of Gs are the big question on the cargo. Or is it????
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Personally I think the tail is to short on this model. Elevation is very touchy.
But other wise it flys very well. The 4 speed 400 motors deliver more than enough thrust.:confused: Check out my Australian QANTAS Cargo

#4 Jedimaster65 Nov 11, 2002 06:08 AM

Thanks guys, but what about the battery question ??? :confused:

#5 countmonk Nov 11, 2002 06:50 AM

Ive been flying mine around with 2400 CP (subC) 7and 8 cell packs. Thats one pack in the nose as far forward as you can go. Im considering testing 2 packs for the extra needed nose weight. Originally tried 1700mah but way to light.
Wanted to balloon up vertical on full throttle take off

#6 Dorme Nov 11, 2002 09:07 AM

I use an 8 cell 2400 also. There are threads on this modifcation to a B-17 and one of the threads mentions that if you increase the incidence to the LE of the stab, you will overcome the problem of vertical cimb on take off. I looked at mine last night and there is a definate down angle to the LE of the stab in relation to the main wing. I might just change this angle to get rid of the extra weight I put in the nose to stop the ballooning.

#7 countmonk Nov 11, 2002 09:38 AM

Good idea?
Thanks for that good bit of info.....
Will keep that modification in mind

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