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        Discussion 2 line or 3 line for pumped engines??

#1 Royster Jul 04, 2007 08:48 PM

2 line or 3 line for pumped engines??
Hi Guys

I am having a bit of bother starting a 2nd hand OS91 Surpass Pumped engine.

The OS manual says a 3 line system but the plane I have came with a 2 line fuel tank system.
Fuel doesn't seem to be getting to the carby which tells me maybe the pump isn't working or gummed or I should be using a 3 line system.

Dunno??? :confused:

#2 Curare Jul 04, 2007 09:08 PM

I'd say that you've got a gummed pump.

Does it prime?

I take it your 2 line system is clunk to pump and top of tank to air, right?

#3 Royster Jul 04, 2007 10:49 PM

OK just got back from the LHS and I tried what they suggested... pull the fuel line that goes to the regulator and cranked the engine over and fuel came out!!

Which means now the could be a problem with the regulator, which I am told is not cheap :(

I have no idea how to test or even fix that so I am none the better off but at least the pump seems to be working OK.

#4 Royster Jul 05, 2007 07:09 PM

It Works!!
Yahoo the engine fired up!!

In case anyone else buys a 4 stroke with a pump heres what I did to get it to fire up:

Removed the line from the pump and cranked it to make sure fuel was going to the regulator. That was al good. Next I removed the glow plug and cranked the engine to see if fuel came out which would indicate the regulator was working and primed all the fuel lines and filters. Popped the plug back in and a couple of cranks and she fired up!!
Now the enigines dies when I remove the glow stick, but thats just tuning so that shouldnt be a big issue.

Ya live and learn ;)

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