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#1 barlowe Jun 23, 2007 10:35 AM

wild hawk duct taped?
hello again,

this post is concerning my harbor freight wild hawk. as stated in previous posts, i am using it as a trainer. also, as stated, i have really banged it up.

anyway, i used chrome duct tape instead of packing tape because thats what i had on hand. most of the nose is covered in duct tape (and glue of course). i used a total of around 2 feet of duct tape, which doesn't weight much more than packing tape. i haven't flown it since i taped it up. should i put weight in the back to balance the plane? if so, what should i use?

the cg seems to be almost in the same place as it was before. :confused:

thanks for any help!

#2 Popsflyer Jun 23, 2007 12:52 PM

How much difference is "the CG is almost in the same place"?

An 1/8" either way (off from the factory CG) will most likely make little difference. More than that, and I would remove the duct tape and RE-repair your plane with some proper Foam safe adhesive.

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