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#1 WarpTrooper Jun 14, 2007 10:21 PM

F-22 with weapon bays and landing gear
Hi. I want to build an F-22 model. I was looking at the RBC F-22 kit.

I'm new to RC airplanes so i want something that isn't too hard to fly and can fly slow easily.

I am going to get a 6 channel radio. How is this ???????????????

Now for the F-22.

I want to put the extra channels to good use. So i want these in my F-22:

-Retractable landing gear
-Retractable weapon bays (for dropping things like foam missiles)

Can the RBC F-22 be modified for these 2 things ?????

And most importantly, is it possible to fly the F-22 slow ?????

To give you an idea, lets say that i can fly the aerobird challenger and the parkzone P-51.

#2 Rampage Jun 14, 2007 11:13 PM

An F-22 by default is almost all lifting surface anyway..so it could probably get slow..But if you're still relatively new to the hobby, I wouldn't even approach an EDF jet. Let alone something "full option". You're looking at a lot of expense..And it's a kit, which means you basically get a box of wood. It also has to be bungie-launched, which means it probably likes to go fast.

Don't want to discourage you from your dreams, just a heads up. : )

#3 WarpTrooper Jun 15, 2007 12:12 AM

Normally, how fast do EDF jets go at half throttle ?

#4 AceMigKiller Jun 15, 2007 12:23 AM


Originally Posted by WarpTrooper
Normally, how fast do EDF jets go at half throttle ?

Thats an extremely vague question... Each different model will have different speeds and flying characteristics at 1/2 throttle...

Its not so much that you cant throttle back and slow the F-22 down, but in the hands of a low-time pilot, especially a rookie to EDF's, you could be in way over your head.
If you're really interested in starting out on EDF's, I have a suggestion!

You could go ahead and buy one (or two) fans and motors that the RBC F-22 kit calls for, get yourself a Stryker airframe (F-27 made by Parkzone) for about $19.99 at your LHS, and learn to fly on that first.

This way, you'll have the gear you need for your F-22 and you'll gain VALUABLE experience in flying EDF's on the Stryker.

You gotta take things one step at a time man. If you're new, and have relatively low-time on R/C aircraft the RBC F-22 is going to be more than a handful and will probably end up.... *re-kitted* on the maiden...
But good luck w/ whatever you decide to do.

#5 kriptonic Jun 15, 2007 12:52 AM

Try the EDF Foamy section.


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